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Time matters

Build Realtime Apps now! Jet is a framework for building distributed realtime Apps. It employs fast push technologies and differential updates to keep all clients in sync. It is very easy to use and features powerful query filters, sorting rules and a Web Inspector, called Radar.

Jet has been designed for IoT , Games, Collaborative Apps or anything else where things are in flux and fast communication is required. Its efficient design allows Jet Daemons to run very nicely on systems with rather limited ressources like the RaspberryPi. Jet Peers can even run on Arduino!

Open and Free

Jet is free for all! And of course, everything is open source. Beside the Javascript implementation for HTML5 and Node.js, there libs available for Lua and Arduino.

Jet is meant for Self-hosting. Intergration is very easy as Jet servers can run side-by-side with your webserver environment or fully integrate with your Node.js based solutions if desired. Jet services are fully customizable and allow features like server-side validation, live push-data, custom factories or custom services.

More than Realtime

Besides its web-capable realtime characteristics, Jet is intended to be a system bus for Linux, Windows or OSX. Much like the widely used Dbus, Jet allows distribution of system services to muliple processes using a simple API. All your Jet content is available for Browsers instantly!

As Browsers can host first class Peers, they can even provide content themselfes!

Jet allows to wait for content to become available and thus helps in the upstart phase of interdependent services and helps decoupling parts of complex systems.